The Good Copy Manifesto – Walk The Ramp, Walk The Talk, Catch Fire

The mirror is not a good thing sometimes. Many a time it shows what you dare not see. Yet, we cannot ignore the mirror.

Hold on, well was that a good opening line, an attention grabber? I just feel like I am struggling here.

Yes, the opening salvo sounds a little barren. Not exactly what I wanted to write. I would phrase it ‘jaywalking copy’ if I were to let my thoughts echo loud. Defintely neither here, neither there.

But it is a start… Maybe.

Yes, words don’t lie. So what do you do when you have a copy writing deadline to keep with a hands-on client?

Yes, there is a way. The simple way. Nothing better than that to fall back on the buzz mantras, the solid stone hedges, the building blocks. It is the only way.

The buzz words ring true, a crescendo in cold thought and warm reason too. The same old time tested action verbs. Converse, engage, seduce, reach out, persuade .. But, does it have to be so hard most of the time?

Well, the merry truth is that it need not be a labour of effort.

It can be a labour of love.

Just swim, run, let go, flow with the tide and come back and let go again.

I am sharing here a few things that never let me down. I am not the greatest fan of lists but here we go.

The key then is to start somewhere. A line or two.

Get the first few lines going. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it. And then, do the following, in any order that catches your fancy.

  • Dump the corporate lingo and let the tone reach out
  • Divorce the passive voice if you can
  • Keep it simple and sweet
  • You might love damp earth but hand hold the brief always
  • Know thy audience nay love thy audience
  • Paint scenarios, let the heart beat
  • Flirt with synonyms but marry the context
  • Let specific be the new generic
  • Breathe grandeur, but in grammar
  • Build campfires with metaphors if you will
  • Amplify the message, compare and contrast
  • Importantly let the persona shine bold

And if you like, refine it again if you can and let go once more.

The above have worked for me most times and whenever you dig deep, the benefits are awesome.

What next then?. Well,

Just simply let the river flow untamed always. And let the wind catch the fire.

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