The Mystic Peak

The Mystic Peak

Oh, mine peak draped! Can you sate –
Dreams that daze and truths to brace?
Makes me heady, this opium mist,
That you exhale, dewy, drunk, awashed,

Mine eyebrows parch, mine heartbeats starch,
This canopy I stagger, this slumber I wager,
Mine soul can only wonder, this splendored garb,
The white, naked ivy and thine sculptured veins,

Oh mine consort dear! Can you trace?
Solitude that stagger and paths that wander?
Makes me meander, this canopy heist,
That you inhale, interwined, estatic, engraved,

Mine soul ripple, mine emotions encroach,
This sight I gather, this wilderness I surrender,
Mine heart can only hunger, this solemn stillness,
The clouds, this fog on thy breast,
This conscious truth awake, this perennial gaze asunder,
Serenade shall I, till death shall do us apart.

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  • Mystic Dec 14, 2010

    When life breathes air within my dry lungs,
    I see truth, climb high above the peaks of reason,
    Find myself, and become lost once again…

    Such are the peaks of life…

    You have written the essence here….wonderful thoughts…depths unending.

    Mystic Peace Poet

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