The Symphony Of A Stream

Symphony of a Stream

Sacred lisps, turbulent trust, thy waters boast,
Syllables stirred! maybe paeans to a lost divine wind,
Thine presence wet, thine visage unkempt,
This daring ambition, those sublime kisses on rocks spent,

I shall never gasp in rambling passion,
Yet, Did thee not glide in sunshine and shadow,
Bereft of mine lavish attention, haughty in grace,
Cascading higher, easily merging rocks into frozen race,
This desperate desire, that pride in motion,
That realm of reason never shared, only perennial haste,
I shall never opine nor swivel to arrest,
But, it doth strike mine soul, this candlelight faith,
For it is mine soul freedom bright,
To converge a hopeless melody, alongside the pale faced moon,
Yet I shall never fear, nor forsake verses in thrall,
For thine soul did share echoes bare,
Of sunshine hopes that painted on overcast fate,
Of hyms of joy on the sand shores ebbed,
Never a discordant melody, this love beyond,
Morrow, Sorrow, Tis true, this magic solitude,
Thine charms on mine arms, a flowing stream and a mortal lover true.

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  • WanderingMist Nov 19, 2010

    “For it is mine soul freedom bright”
    “Morrow, Sorrow, Tis true, this magic solitude”
    Very beautiful.

  • Mystic Dec 14, 2010

    Verses flowing…married to Nature itself.

    Lovely. May you forever keep inspired.


    Mystic Peace Poet

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