15 Social Media Mantras that can take you places

Social Media Mantras

Social Media adoption might not be everybody’s cup of tea, especially for the late convert organizations who might want to hit the deck running. Whatever be the teething troubles and the possibility of getting drowned in the crescendo that engulfs the web, it is never too late and not too difficult as such to make yourself heard. Whether your goal is  to ” experiment” or “strategic engagement”, as long as you factor in relevance and focus to your target audience, “influential conversations” can happen that can help your business take just that extra dimension and lead to business transformation.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind while getting your feet wet.

  • Be prepared for the long haul – Brand building needs a strong foundation
  • Normal is Boring – Innovate, let the personality shine through
  • Passion is Everything – Live it, Breathe it, Show it
  • Pamper your fans – Know, Connect and have meaningful conversation
  • Make the First Move – Start the conversation, it makes a big difference
  • Team work Works – It takes a whole orchestra to play a symphony
  • Go the extra mile – Empathy works overtime, all times
  • Rein in the Re-tweet – Just don’t go overboard, overkill simply does not work
  • Listen to the Signals – Builds your community trust and loyalty
  • Separate the noise from the signals – Understand true reactions, perception and perspectives
  • Measure Social Engagement – Are you simply “visible” or are you “present”, know the difference
  • Keep evolving – Engagement, Interaction, What next?
  • Leverage Multimedia – Share images, videos
  • Horses for courses- Customize communication for each social vehicle
  • Reach out, then some more – Integrate offline and online advertising

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  • Sumit Oct 26, 2015

    A.GREED. there are a few very guilty types such as this ’round these parts who poop out an esreiotc list and walk away, leaving the servers and owners to figure it out themselves. who would hire this kind of person with a “set it and forget it” mentality? making a list with wines that people can discover should be an adventure with a smart sommm or such as the guide, pouring and talking and SELLING. SELLING. otherwise, it is useless serves only the ego of he/she who wrote it.

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