When Starlight Crept On Moonbeams Bold

When Starlight crept

Hearken ! spring languid, orchids candid,
Doth thy cup of life froth swollen?
The days pause, the nights gaze,
Mainfest the moment, when atoms light!

Mine parched storms ! Ever did thy thirst swarm,
Seeds myriad, of mountain passes in parade,
Of oceans awake and tempest tides,
Tis daylight haze, yonder  life in maze!

As clouds over the sea, drape alight,
Perfect time this, to let the damp bade,
As galaxies trace,  destiny  shades fade,
Sacred stars shall brace, as shall constellations haste,

The seeker, the hunted, the sated, the embryo shall,
Mate ambitions in fate, to thine own native shores.

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