Getting Close to Real Time Search on Google

Real Time Search

For all those who are gung-ho about Twitter real time search results, however buggy it might be, here is a wake up call. Search behemoth Google maybe has it all too, just that they are not as close as can be. Even when they enhanced the search time frame in May, the minimum option was the past 24hours, hardly in the scale of Twitter. Yet, you can get search results right upto the last minute and second by changing the search parameters on the address bar as Ran Geva of the Omligi Blog has found out.

Technically though, this is just content added a few seconds recent that came up on search than real time search results. Real time search results are of those that had no lead time between composition and publishing. Microblogging is the closest we can get to real time publishing and right now it is Twitter all the way. Larry Page recent statement that they needed to index the web every second just shows that Google is working on the best possible way to serve up real time search results. Danny Sullivan gives an interesting insight into what Real Time Search really is..

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