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Art must take reality by surprise.
Francoise Sagan

The analogy connection here might be a convenient concotion, but yes, one clear sunny morning my reality was taken by suprise by the Art of Blog, an authority site that offers tons of tutorials and proven methodologies for bloggers to find online success. It was a pleasant feeling indeed to know that my blog found mention (Check listing no #168) in one of their much followed blog posts “180+ Thesis Design Customizations You have to See to Believe
written by Nick Reese.

The awesome and impressive list has some of the best customizations around of the Thesis theme . Yes thesis rules the roost with seo out of the box and its versatility lending itself to eye candy in the hands of a good web developer. Though i did the theme customization coding, the creative design itself with the contrasting mix of white on grey canvas to make the images walk the talk was conceptualized by wanderingmist.  All credit to her and of course Reese for the awesome list.

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