Rendezvous with Rumi – Soulmist on Sacrosant Wings

Rendezvouz with Rumi

There is no better way to spend a quiet evening than meditating on the works of Rumi, the medieval poet and spiritual proponent of Persia. Partaking of “The Essential Rumi” and “Rumi the book of love“, translations by Coleman Barks is a fascinating journey into Rumi’s adundant metaphorical expressions of love and living, all heart and soul gushing as crystal streams of soulfreedom.

Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
no light and no land anywhere,
cloudcover thick. I try to stay
just above the surface,
yet I’m already under
and living with the ocean.

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Open Site Explorer Really Rocks – Link Popularity and Backlink Analysis made Easy

Open Site Explorer

SeoMoz has released an awesome tool for link analysis, OpenSite Explorer a couple of days back that has taken the SEO world by storm. Taking advantage of an free offer for registered members for the first 48 hrs I had a productive time checking out what promises to be the best link analysis tool available (Y! Site Explorer lags behind in comparision)

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What Matters Now – 70 Thought Leaders Share Powerful Idealets

What Matters Now

Seth Godin’s recent pet project, the much awaited free e-book “What Matters Now” is on the websphere now. Game changing conversations, power ideas that can accelerate positive change, sacrosant food for thought that can make your 2010 an elevated journey of realized potential and enhanced growth and more, form the essence of this book, a collection of ideas of around 70 big thinkers who have seen it all and made it happen.

Each thinker was asked by Seth Godin to dwell on a single word that really matters now in the form of a short essay. The end result of this wonderful project has been a remarkable treatise that is an inspirational and fulfilling read. Download “What Matters Now” right now and you will be asking for more definitely.


The ABC of an XML Sitemap

Anatomy of an xml sitemap

XML Sitemaps are URL lists that gives a leg up to search engine spiders to easily find available URL’s to crawl and update their index with the latest website information. XML sitemaps serve as fodder for the search engines unlike the usual HTML sitemap which is meant as a navigation tool for human users.

In simple terms, XML sitemaps give Search Engine spiders an authoritive list of URL for indexing with additional meta data like the last modified date, frequency of change (updates) and page priority (hierarchy of importance vis a vis other pages).
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Eight Simple Ways To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Rock

Email Marketing

Direct Marketing Association research data shows that email marketing generated an ROI of $43.62 for each dollar that was spend on email campaigns in 2009.’s State of Retailing Online 2009 survey of retailers dug out the fact that E-Mail is the most mentioned successful tactic overall. A 2009 survey of US B2B marketers by MarketingProfs and Forrester Research found that 39% planned to increase email budgets. All the above highlights that Email marketing just works. Yes, it works but we need to get the basics right.
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Website Usability – The Art of Embracing Simplicity

Website Usability

Usability rules the roost in web development. As Edward Tufte, Information Design Guru would say “the most common user action on a website is to flee“. It is all the more important that your online presence has what it takes to be simple, usable and communicate persuasively your core message.

A bad website is akin to a grumpy salesman (Jakob Nielson), yet lots of websites fail miserably on the usability stakes. Simplicity is the key to a good customer experience, the moment you take away ease of use, users /customers are not going to come back again.
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Ten Thesis Customization Tips to get Started

Thesis Tips

Thesis 1.6 has hit the websphere and as expected, there are high value add design features and controls that makes it the most popular and widely used templating frameworks in todays times. Thesis is SEO compliant right out of the box and gives you slick control over the presentation layer. For the average blogger who would not be conversant with PHP to a great degree, Thesis capabilities facilitates experimentation with design and font without altering any basic code. And if you do know to code, the possibilities with Thesis Hooks are limitless.
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